Camp Cards



How long is the sale?

The 2015 Camp Card Sale will run from March 23  – June 1, 2015


A Camp Card is a discount card that provides the purchasers numerous discounts to restaurants and retailers all throughout Los Angeles and surrounding cities areas. Each card is sold for $5.00. The deals on the card far exceed the amount. Scouts are encouraged to sell as many as they can. You unit will earn 50% ($2.50 per card) of all sales!


What is a Camp Card?

Why is it called the Camp Card?

Many units use the Camp Card program as a way for a Scout to earn his own way to summer camp. The Camp Card may be used by a unit to help offset fees for a unit trip or many other activities.

Is this better than other fundraisers?

There is no risk to your unit! All your unit needs to do is agree to participate in the 2014 Camp Card Program and request the number of cards your unit intends on selling. Once your unit has the Camp Cards you will issue them to your Scouts one bundle at a time which is 10 cards or $50.00 worth of Cards. At the end of the sale your unit will return all unsold cards and 50% of the sales to the Council office. Your unit retains 50% of your total sales.