2011 Friends of Scouting


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One Voice, One Heart, One Mission, One Gift. One Scout at a Time
Your gift will make a difference.

The Los Angeles Area Council serves thousands of youth and adult volunteers in 40 Cities/100 communities in the Los Angeles Basin. Living their lives

by the Scout Oath and Law, these individuals know the value of duty to God, Country, and helping other people at all times. Through our chartered partners

and under the leadership of a diversity of adult volunteers, Scouts are trained to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Our Scouts stand ready to serve the communities of the Los Angeles Basin in fair and foul weather. From assisting our citizens following the wild fires to looking after the needs of our neighbors who do not know where their next meal will come from, the youth of the Los Angeles Area Council are there.

Ask yourself this question; “What does the Scout Slogan, Do a Good Turn Daily, mean to you?” Your gift to Scouting WILL make a difference. Your gift to Scouting IS important. Your gift to Scouting is your GOOD TURN that will enable Scouts today and tomorrow the opportunity to continue to do their good turn for America.



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Brian Curtis at (213) 413-4400 x303