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Thank you for your interest in the Merit Badge Sponsorship Program. Your financial leadership will positively effect thousands of Los Angeles youth and families this year.

Los Angeles Youth Benefits

     The Merit Badge Sponsorship Program provides opportunities for at-risk youth in low-income and culturally diverse areas to grow physically, mentally, and morally in an after-school and weekend activities.  By attending Scouting’s structured, safe activities, Los Angeles’s young people do not have as much idle time to explore drugs, alcohol, or find themselves in as many peer-pressure activities.  The Scouting program is a year-round effort because the pressures on our young people increase every day.  There is no better time than now to help guide youth in positive directions.

Scouting addresses Los Angeles’s at-risk youth in the following ways:

*   Offering a place for youth to attend after school and on weekends at which he or she will learn how to be physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight

*   Teaching the youth how to avoid drug and alcohol abuse through the “Drugs: A Deadly Game” program

*   Instructing youth how to recognize, resist, and report child abuse through the “It Happened to Me” and “A Time to Tell” program

*   Creating weekly opportunities at youth group meetings to assist the youth and young adults in learning a code of ethics: being trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent

Additionally, Scouting helps Los Angeles’s at-risk youth to focus on six critical elements of healthy youth development:

*   Strong personal values and character

*   Positive sense of self-worth and usefulness

*   Caring and nurturing relationships with parents, other adults,  and peers

*   A desire to learn

*   Productive / Creative use of time

*   Social adeptness

THANK YOU! With your funding, the Los Angeles Area Council will ensure that the youth involved will register with the Boy Scouts of America, have the opportunities to attend summer camp, own their own books and uniforms, and enjoy the same activities as youth involved in mature, self-funded units.  Your funding will also help us to create more Scout units, and to develop the units into self-sustaining, successful programs. 

Your Benefits

     The Merit Badge Sponsorship Program offers the following marketing benefits for you or your company to over 40,000 event participants, as well as 58,948 youth and 20,508 registered adult volunteers:

Leader Sponsorship:

*   Exclusive sponsor of One Merit Badge for one calendar year

*   Name included in the Los Angeles Area Council Annual Report

*   Banner and plaque recognition at the annual Friends of Scouting Breakfast

*   Logo and name recognition on the Council Website

*   Logo and name included in the annual Camp Almanac

*   Banner recognition at the annual Jamb-O-Rama expo event

*   Logo and name included in the Los Angeles Republic: April 2010, 422,717 readers

*   The opportunity to host a merit badge clinic at your location to help youth and to market your business

Partner Sponsorship:

*   Includes all of the above benefits 

*   One week Camp Session Sponsorship at a Los Angeles Area Council Resident Camp with a banner

*   One Scout Expo Booth

*   One special event sponsorship package